As some may or may not notice, this blog is now hosted on github pages; I've decided to terminate my services with Linode and have been shopping for a new host ever since the last major security breach. As a customer, I've had it with their double-speak and misinformation and have chosen to take my business elsewhere.

I feel like ranting today, so I'll give a bit of a rundown as to how I believe Linode failed.

Some time ago, I stumbled across the concept of "security by obesity" - the gist of it being that you made passwords as difficult as possible to link to specific users. I've been working on a practical implementation of this concept in node for the last couple of months off and on across a few other projects, and ended up revisiting the original blog post by Jeremy Spilman only to discover a follow-up post on the topic.

Having had to re-engineer my code in development in order to take advantage of his double-hash idea, I thought I'd share how to pull it off in node with everyone else.

Here, internet, have a little quick bash one-liner (not really).

This...mess will obtain the paths of the currently running processes for $USER. May need to adjust a bit for your own use.